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Pink Tiny 21 Pink Tiny 21 $319.95
Feather Lite 30 Feather Lite 30 $490.00
Feather Lite 25 Feather Lite 25 $440.00
Feather Lite 21 Feather Lite 21 $400.00
Super 21 Super 21 $449.95
Tiny 21 Tiny 21 $319.95

Night Hunters Welcome

Blazer Lights and Supply Web Store
  • Order your hunting lights online, have them shipped direct to your home or business.
  • We offer prompt service, and a guarantee second to none.
  • We hope you find our new and improved web site one indication of the service that we strive to bring to you..

Your one stop shop for all of your night hunting needs.

Full line of hunting accessories and gear.
  • Choose from different styles of boot with two different types of chaps
  • We also offer chaps for those that like a ligher feel in the summer time.
  • Jackets, bibs, and other hunting clothing is also available

Complete line of dog supplies to go along with your new light.

Choose from our wide selection of dog supplies
  • Several different types of collars.
  • Leads of many different styles.
  • Add a nameplate to your collar or for a new twist, add one to your lead strap.

All your night hunting supply needs in one place.

No need to shop multiple places, get them all here
  • We have coon squallers, lighted collars, breaking scents.
  • Combine shipping, get a new light, and add to your order and we'll ship them all at the same price.
  • Order online and save.

Blazer Gear to add to your Blazer light.

Fashionable and functional
  • Two different styles of hats.
  • Sweatshirts with two different logo styles
  • Have the Blazer logo put on any article of clothing as a "special order" item


Light Brand

What brand of Light do you currently use?

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Pink Tiny 21 Pink Tiny 21 $319.95
Super 21 Super 21 $449.95